Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Big Fat Greek Resturant - Mesa (Southern & mall Entrance, west of Power)

My Big Fat Greek Restaurant
6447 E Southern Ave
, Mesa, AZ 85206

When: Sat June 20th 2009
Time of day: dinner
class: Greek/American

Now this is not our first visit to MBFG but I just haven't had the chance to write about them.

I want to start by saying that this place is one of our favorites :) This is one of the places that we frequent on "Saturday night Date Night" after church.

When you first enter, you are greeted by a friendly hostess that rarely makes you wait to be seated. The atmosphere is festive and fun with Greek pop music playing in the background.

The decor is pleasing and both the booths and tables are comfortable. There is also a bar and outside patio area. We prefer to eat on the patio as there is a "happy hour" special that they do each day that you can only get while sitting on the patio or at the bar. $4 for some really good appetizers, you can't beat it!

Our Server was Lisanis, a really sweet nursing student that is "on the ball" and an over all good server. I would suggest that you ask for her.

The food...

Our traditional appetizer is the 'Flaming Saganaki' (if you go here, you must order this at least once).

It's a hunk of goat cheese covered in spices on a small skillet that is carried out to you table. They cover the cheese with Ouzo (a flammable Greek liquor). One server holds the plate while the other ignites it.

In unison they yell "OPA!!" which I believe in Greek means to celebrate. Often regular patrons will join it with the"OPA!" as well. The cheese burns and melts for a few seconds and is the flame is put out with lemon juice.

It's served with pita bread. You spread the melting cheese on the pita and well you get the point! :) "GOOD EATIN'"
This is Delicious! A must have!

I ordered Gyro in a pita w/ fries and Darla had "Pizza sticks" and a Greek salad. As always the food was amazing. The Gyro is spiced just right and the portions are abundant! The Pizza Sticks are not what you think , they are large "slices" of Italian style spiced bread. It's light and delicious served with a tomato dipping sauce. mmm mmm!

Other dishes we have had here were:

Meat lovers calzone (my favorite) - a plethora of meats including Gyro, sausage, and peperoni, swimming in cheese and sauce. If you get this dish, there is a good chance that you wont finish it!

Chicken Alfredo - Good stuff!

This is a good fun place to eat and the staff is aces! Angela, one of the owners (very cool) will often visit with the guests and is not very afraid to jump in and help the servers. She exemplifies good customer service.

We have not eaten at other MBFGR's but the Mesa Location... thumbs up!

I have only 1 negative comment

They will at times "nickel and dime" on the condiments. For example, they may charge .50 for extra Ranch dressing or for an extra pita that kind of thing. I think that if they eliminate that practice, this place would soar!
I don't think that restaurants that do this realize how much this practice bothers people.

But we will go there again and again! We just won't order and extra sauce! LOL

Lastly, if you dine prime time, dinner time on the weekend, the female servers will the "Zorba Dance" it's fun to watch!

Out of a possible 5 YUMS, My Big Fat Greek gets a YUM YUM YUM YUM!

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